Top Myths About Criminal Background Checks Debunked

June 14th, 2024

With accurate criminal history checks on a candidate and/or employee, the employer can be assured about various critical aspects. A pre-onboarding initiative to invest in this type of background check helps to uncover candidates with criminal past records against their name. Hence, an employer can fulfil their target of recruiting the best employees without obstacles. However, there are employers who are sceptical about various misconceptions that surround criminal background checks. In this blog, we have discussed a few myths about criminal background checks, the true facts behind the myths are expected to clear multiple doubts and help employers make informative decisions.

Dispelling Top Myths About Criminal Background Checks

Debunking Common Myths About Criminal Background Checks

  1. Criminal Background Checks Are Only for Large Corporations

All sizes and types of businesses can benefit from criminal history checks, unlike what some small-size businessmen believe would not be worthy of investment. In fact, a small size business can be more at risk of negligent hiring, and due to lack of resources are unable to fix their poor reputation later on. The best is to be on the safe side by investing in criminal background checks to hire the right candidates at the right time.

  1. Background Checks Are Only Necessary for Certain Positions

There is a belief by some employers that only jobs with high levels of responsibility or positions handling sensitive information need to have criminal background checks. While it’s essential to do complete checks for these roles, we must understand anyone who works may possibly be a risk. Someone in a lower-risk position can engage in harmful behaviour that affects the workplace. Understand that digital background checks at all levels of the organisation ensure a safer and more secure place.

  1. Background Checks Are Too Expensive

Performing a background check is considered exorbitantly expensive by many employers who are tight on budget. It is important to ponder on the point that skipping criminal background checks can put the organisation at risk of resource wastage, time waste, reputational damage, and all these meltdowns to one thing i.e. monetary loss. The scale of this financial loss can be huge and exceed the company’s loss-absorbing limits. Hence, skipping background checks like criminal history is not a viable solution. Also, honestly, verification when performed with the help of the right BGV vendor is not extremely expensive and is simply a myth. Top-notch BGV vendors offer scalable options that can be tailored to fit the budgets and needs of different organisations. So, you can say that it is a small price to pay for the peace of mind and security it brings.

  1. Criminal Background Checks Are Time-Consuming

If you invest in a digital background check from a top BGV vendor then there is no need for you to worry that background checks are time-consuming. So, simply this is a myth. However, if you try to verify using manual background verification it can take a long time to get the result. Digital BGV vendor solutions such as Digiverifier have the potential to hand over the report in just 24 hours. So, hopefully, it is clear to you that time consumption is not an issue when you make the right choice.

  1. Criminal Checks Are Only for New Hires

While it is extremely important to conduct the verification for new hires, it is applicable to existing employees. It is very easy to hide a crime record from employers, and you never know which employee has an ulterior motive. So, it is important to be continuously vigilant and eliminate the risk by conducting criminal background checks and other checks. So, no background checks are not only meant for new hires but also for existing employees.

  1. A Single Database Holds All Criminal Records

Many employers tend to think that there is one big database that holds all criminal records, but this is not true. Actually, criminal records are kept in many different databases both at the national and international level. This is why working with a BGV vendor who can verify against many sources and confirm data accuracy is very important.

  1. Criminal Checks Are Not Necessary for Remote Workers

With more people working from home, some employers assume that background checks are less important for employees who work from home. But remote workers usually have access to sensitive company information and systems, and they can manoeuvre the information, and use it in favour of their own intention. Doing a complete digital background check for remote workers is very important to safeguard their organisation.


It is easy to believe in wrong information related to criminal background checks and other verifications. Rather than problems, you must have noted while reading this blog that criminal history check verifications are extremely beneficial and provide you with the chance to recruit genuine employees with clean records. Should you want to conduct a successful recruitment drive and want more information about criminal verification, you can get in touch with the Digiverifier team.

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