What is DigiVerifier?

Digital BGV Solution that reveals present & past employment background data, Identity and Address in <10 mins.

BGV team will be empowered to establish any mismatch, on present / past employer, duration & salary, which are critical to make a verification decision. Patent Filed -Innovative approach, provides tamper proof results with auditable evidences enabling BGV team to make Right Decision.

How Secure is Digiverifier?

Digiverifier hosted in AWS leveraging upon its best in class IT security policies and compliances. Additionally, Real Time Tools enabled for WAF, IDPS, DLP, VAPT, HTTPS & AWS Security Appliances to protect from threats & vulnerabilities.

Is it legal?

Rights granted by the Candidate by logging into ITR & EPFO sites using their credentials individually without a need to share it with anybody. As the provision of Services includes Candidate providing the Company & Client with information, data, personal identification numbers and other material sand contents, suggestions, ideas, feedback, etc., Candidate expressly granting the Company & Client the license and right to utilize the same for and on Candidate behalf in order to perform BGV. The Company will use such information with the sole purpose of performing BGV services and not for any other purpose. Candidate warrant and represent that Candidates are duly authorized to submit or represent the third party (ITR & EPFO) on behalf of whom Candidates are providing this information to the Company &Client.

What if the candidate’s income is below the income tax bracket, will it be captured in the report?

Yes, because of the compliance (24Q) adhered by the employer.

What if the candidate has not been filing IT returns… will the details be capture in the report?

Yes, because of the compliance (24Q) adhered by the employer. But, not from unorganised sector.

Candidate not registered with ITR and/or EPFO, can he complete the process?


  1. All PAN card holders are the users of ITR.They can register using PAN, DOB and Surname as New User. Subsequently, login and complete the process.
  2. All UAN holders can complete the process using EPFO login credentials.

Can the candidate provide the IT traces/EPFO Statement by mail?

Not acceptable because its prone to tampering.

No, the good practise is to get the data directly and the application is enabled to perform this action. This also avoids any malpractices totally and makes the data reliable for the desired purpose.

What are the details you will get from IT Traces?

We get Name, PAN, DOB, Address, Employers, Tenure, Employment status and Salary credits.

What are the details you will get from EPFO?

We get Name, UAN, Employers, DOJ and LWD.

How long the data is stored?

As per data retention policy, 30 days. This may not valid if you integrate Digiverifier API with your application as per your data retention policy.

Do you share the report with the candidate?

No, the report is delivered only to the customer user who uploaded the data.

Will report shows cash payments?

Yes, if employer complies to file 24Q quarterly with income tax department. Generally, cannot be traced from unorganised sector.

How DigiVerifier is extracting data?

We use screen scraping techniques with the consent and duly authorized by the candidate.

How are you authorized to Collect/Extract one’s confidential information like ITTRACES /EPFO?

Authorization granted by the Candidate by logging into ITR & EPFO sites using their credentials individually without a need to share it with anybody. The sole purpose is to perform BGV of the candidate.

How secure candidate’s credentials if they use in Digiverifier?

Digiverifier never stores any credentials on its application. The credentials are processed at end users Computer/Laptop/Mobile, transmitted through HTTPS. Data in transit and rest is encrypted.

DigiVerifier committed to provide the highest levels of Security to ensure Data Security and Private Identity Information (PII) protection. We are certified by Trust-Guard, the gold standard in Internet Privacy and Internet Website Security service online for stringent Data security and Privacy measures adopted. DigiVerifier has implemented stringent Data Security Policies and practices to ensure user and organizational data is not compromised through Intrusion by continuously evaluating Intrusion, Penetration and Data Vulnerability and monitoring consequent Risks and Remedies.

What if candidate previous employer shutdown/merged?

Despite employer closed the company, Digiverifier can get data from ITR and EPFO respectively since 24Q and EPFO filing is a compliance requirement.

Candidate have never/partly worked in INDIA, will Digiverifier be able to extract the reports.?

No. DigiVerifier data fetch will be only from Indian pay roll to the extent the candidate has worked in India.

Is it possible to integrate DigiVerifier with our HRMS/ERP/ATSmodels.?


If candidate’s previous employer did not file their ITR means what will happen?

Employer and salary Data will not be available. However, service history can be obtained from EPFO since it is mandatory for employers to comply else, they would be prosecuted.

Is it possible to do verification without candidate’s knowledge?

No, we cannot do verification without the candidate’s consent. The process is candidate dependent not HR dependent.