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Digiverifier: A Licensed Company Empowering Recruiters With Best Digital Background Verification Solutions.

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Digiverifier is a brand of CROSSBOW.

Who: Our mission at Crossbow is to build disruptive and innovative digital solutions that enable and empower people and companies to help with their various business processes.

When: Founded in 2017. We are a licensed service provider under Digital India Eco system, a flagship initiative of Government of India.

Where: 2nd Floor, Bikaner Signature Towers, 18 & 18/1, Richmond Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

What: As a BGV vendor our aim is to provide organizations with cost-effective and smart solutions that can make their day-to-day business processes faster, simpler, and more effective. Digiverifier, a quick and reliable data-powered recruitment tool that helps with comprehensive digital background verification is a step in the right direction. We have many more exciting ideas stored up in our pipeline and look forward to changing business practices across industries with our technology-inspired innovation.

Management Team

Mr. Jayaprakash

Mr. Jayaprakash, Founder–

An Engineering Graduate with Over 25 years of experience, specializing extensively in staffing, which led to the invention of the digital BGV solution, Digiverifier. This solution facilitates organizations in conducting BGV checks in just 10 minutes. Consequently, organizations can make the right offer to the right candidate and avoid making bad hires.

Why Choose Digiverifier For Digital Background Verification Process?

Make Intelligent Hiring Decisions with Reliable Employment Background Data.

Our tech-enabled solution brings in more confidence to your hiring process. We as a BGV vendor have anticipated, studied, and analysed the pain points in the recruitment cycle to solve both problems and gaps that you have identified as well as ones that you never knew you had. Digiverifier relies on tamper-proof data sources to generate up-to-date employment history reports within 10 minutes. We are quick, reliable, and affordable.

Lately, disruption is a word that is used rather liberally in the current start-up ecosystem, but not with us! Our innovative and tech-enabled solution enables your talent acquisition team to identify red-flags before they cost you valuable time and resources, while at the same time costing a fraction* of what you’re currently spend on hiring. It is a solution that defines disruption down to a T.