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digital employee background verification
digital employee background verification

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Digiverifier: Making Digital Employee Background Verification Easy for Recruiters

Hire Right Talent With Digiverifier’s Digital Employee Background Verification

About Digiverifier
Engage Genuine Candidates in the Recruitment Process

At Crossbow, we have made it our mission to enable people and companies through disruptive and innovative digital solutions.

  • Quick- Instant decisions delivered!!
  • Reliable – Tamper Proof Government and proprietary data sources…
  • Affordable – No Capex ! No Opex ! Pay per Report!
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Hire Right Talent With Digiverifier’s Digital Employee Background Verification

The Advantage of Digiverifier
Hiring the right talent has never been easier, faster or more cost-effective. With Digiverifier we have automated the process, disruptively changed the cycle and enabled you – the recruiter – to make the decision before you invest your time and resources. You can depend on our comprehensive Employment & Remuneration data collected after conducting digital employee background verification to make the right decision – every time.

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Hiring Decision Service 01
Hiring Decision Service
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Shortest TAT
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Real-Time Reports
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Digital Process
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Data Sources, Security and Compliance

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