Dual employment, moonlighting, UAN Check, Digital Employment Verification

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Digiverifier is a Patent granted Innovative Digital Employment Verification Solution. We are Government of India Licensed service provider leveraging upon Digital India Ecosystem using reliable data sources like Digilocker, ITR & EPFO using data sources performs verification with accuracy at the fastest TAT.

  • False Claims -The industry has been plagued with candidates having false claims in their education and employment experience resulting in bad hire. Having known this problem at the early stage of the Recruitment process can avert embarrassment / bad hires.
  • Moonlighting – COVID lead to another B2B crisis resulting in rise in Dual/Multiple employments. It is causing breach of confidentiality, ethics, compliance, & productivity issues.

Digital Employment Verification Solution at various stages


Screening stage

Case Study: Smart recruiter adopted Digiverifier to shortlist genuine candidate

One of our clients conducted a walk-in interview for a recruitment of 20 positions with 4+ years of experience; Around 200 candidates turned up for the interview. As this was an unexpected volume, to reduce the count and to filter the genuine candidates who has 4 years of experience, Digiverifier was adopted. As Digiverifier provides immediate results, it exposed candidates with four years of experience, enabling the interview panel to exclusively interact with these authentic candidates. Consequently, they avoided making any bad hires.


Pre-Offer Stage

Case Study: Digiverifier revealed a candidate’s false claim of earning 10 lakhs salary demanding 24 lakhs.

Whereas the current employer’s total annual salary expenses found to be 7.5 Lakhs. Thus, they could negotiate right salary to make right offer.


Pre-onboarding Stage

Case Study: Digiverifier revealed earning 53 Lakhs in a single month from 23 employers –

this is called Moonlighting. It helped to save the cost, effort and time. Digiverifier helped to hire only genuine candidates into the organization and avert RED or Bad Hires.


Post – Onboarding Stage

To spot moonlighting candidates
Digiverifier helps for retrenchment

Case Study: As an audit process one of our client wanted to identify Dual Employment or any other interest the candidate has. They performed Digi verification interestingly they identified one person Moonlighting with 62 employments over a period of 6 years


UAN Check


If there is a PF deduction from the previous employer there will be a UAN Number. With the UAN (Universal Account Number) that is allotted by EPFO, service history will be fetched instantly. The important benefit with this check is that it verifies the current employment details/data too.

Case Study: One of the prestigious organizations in the industry suspected a candidate of dual employment. They wanted to do a background verification without any intervention from the candidate. Unfortunately, they did not have the necessary tools to do this. When they approached us, we offered this solution and it was not only dual employment, even the other undisclosed employment was also revealed.

Education Check- Digital and/or conventional

Digiverifier fetches education document from Digilocker if available else conventional.

Case Study: Our existing clients approached us stating they are being asked Rs.20,000/- to do an education check in a recognized university. We at Digiverifier helped to fetch the data instantly with minimal cost which is 80% lesser than the cost which was asked by the university.

The Conventional verification involves verifying the authenticity of candidate’s educational & professional qualifications from the respective universities/colleges. The names are run through the database of both known (trusted) and unknown (fake) universities/ institutes and organizations. Only Information obtained from official authorities/ domain is considered and verified further. This verification is done in three ways


Verbal Verification is done verbally through a telephonic conversation and call logs are maintained


Written Verification is obtained on email from the official email ID of the College / University or on a letter head dully stamped and signed by the institute.


Stamp: An education document is duly stamped and signed by the college/University authorities. Verification will be tagged as ‘Unable to Verify’ if verification is not received in 3 attempts

Address Check – Self digital and/or Physical

Self Service


Process of verifying the given address by validating the GPS Coordinates of the candidate along with photographs of the house, locality and nearby landmark in few hours.


Physical Check:

An agent will visit the address given by the candidate where the Agent checks for the Duration of stay, Type of ownership – owned or rented, Applicant’s relation with verifier, Verifier’s ID and other details in few days.

ID Card

ID Check-PAN, Aadhar

The PAN ID and its address is validated from ITR and the Aadhar from UIDAI.

Criminal Verification: e-court

Verify the Criminal history against the court record system (e-court) by a Law firm with seal & signature.

Case Study: Our team had received a case for employment Digiverification. While performing verification Digiverifier verified that all the employer’s name listed in his resume are fake. Further, as a proactive measure our QC team did a quick check on the e-court as they suspected the candidate on criminal case, and to their surprise he was found to be an accused on a criminal case as well.

Hence, Digiverifier assisted the client from not hiring the candidate at an early stage.


Global / Indian database Verification:

This check involves a comprehensive name matching search, from a collection of datasets, available in public domains across the globe, to check any potential criminal background. The search includes databases like Central Bureau of Investigation, Most Wanted List, Supreme Court Records Check, Central Vigilance Commission Corrupt Officers Database, High Court records check and Most Wanted Criminals, etc


Conventional Employment Check

Validation of the Company is done with the help of GST, MCA and/or an email will be sent to the HR of previous organizations. Failure to which an agent will be sent to the location for physical verification.

Case Study:

The % of doing the conventional verification is very less as most of the employer/employment verification would be covered in Digiverification. However, there were few instances where the company was not found in any of the digital sources and we had made a physical attempt and got to know it was a shell company.

Case Study:

Digiverifier revealed a candidate’s false claim of earning 10 lakhs salary demanding 24 lakhs. Whereas the current employer’s total annual salary expenses found to be 7.5 lakhs. Thus, they could negotiate right salary to make right offer.

Criminal Check – Police

Verification is done in local police station.

Case Study: One Subject cheated three different innocent victims in three different states. Our field staff went to two of the most remote villages and one small town police station to verify the case against the subject and found to be a culprit. Therefore, the report turned out to be a Red.

criminal check

Reference Verification

A telephonic and/or email verification is obtained, about the candidate’s personal integrity, educational and professional backgrounds from professional references provided by the candidate. For fresher’s, verification is taken from respective education institutes or other reputable sources.

Case Study: A candidate used a letter of experiences belonging to another person or employment document to get the job by replacing his details. This is known as impersonation. Our digiverification technology was able to flag this and this was verified by a reference check. This is another tricky situation for a client to crack, whereas, our tool, Digiverifier, made this situation easy to identify.


Drug Test

This verification involves testing the candidate for usage of any drug or banned substance abuse. This is conducted in partnership with multiple drug screening labs at national and international level. These labs are capable of conducting 10 panel drug tests.