The Digiverifier

digital BGV

Digiverifier :

Data driven Recruitment Process for Easier & Faster Hiring Decisions

The strength of an organization hinges on the quality of its team! To ensure a dependable and credible team, it’s crucial to conduct thorough background checks on prospective candidates before extending final offers. With Digiverifier, recruiters can carry out digital background checks independently and swiftly. Our innovative, tech-enabled digital BGV solution makes hiring the right talent easier, faster, and more cost-effective.

Hiring Decision Service 01

Hiring Decision Service

  • Instant decision on a candidate’s background in the form of a comprehensive report.
  • Know candidate dropouts/no show/renege in advance.
  • Make right offer to the right candidate and reduce offer withdrawals.
  • Engage genuine candidates at any stage of recruitment process.
  • Hire to Bill-Hire resources or billable from day one of their joining.

Shortest TAT 02

Shortest TAT

  • No emailing back and forth.
  • No more waiting.
  • Get report in 24 hours

Real-Time Reports 03

Real-Time Reports

  • Interim reports are generated in real-time.
  • Get present and past employment history.
  • Get verified address to dispatch/recover assets.
  • Due to work from home, dual Employment are revealed at large.

Digital Process 04

Digital Process

  • No document uploads.
  • No application form filing.
  • Digital India enabled Simple Four Step Process!

Data Sources, Security and Compliance 05

Data Sources, Security and Compliance

  • Digital India API, ITR, EPFO and Proprietary Database.
  • ISO 27001, SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliant!
  • IDPS and Data loss protection enabled.
  • Realtime Web Application Firewall enabled.