The Importance of Accurate UAN Check in Employment Verification

February 9th, 2024

In the previous blogs, we have explored various important topics on UAN verifications. Now, one of the most important aspects of any verification is its accuracy, without a genuine outcome, it will make no sense. Inaccuracy in a critical checking process like UAN verification jeopardizes hiring decisions in several ways. In this blog, we will discuss why accuracy is important in UAN verifications.

Background checks or BGVs are now a crucial part of the hiring process in today’s technologically advanced world. With the advent of several digital BGV platforms, hiring managers can now quickly and effectively confirm a candidate’s qualifications, work history, and other pertinent details. However, not all offer correct results, hence, choosing a vendor without caution can be a problem for you. Hence, it would be best that you gain the right knowledge and thoughtfully make the correct decisions.

Why Accuracy Is Vital in UAN Check?

What Is UAN Verification?

Employees who make contributions to the Employees’ Provident Fund in India are assigned a unique UAN or Universal Account Number. It makes it possible for people to access their PF accounts online and streamlines several EPF-related transactions. During the hiring process, it is essential for employers to confirm a candidate’s UAN for several reasons.

Top Reasons Why Accuracy in UAN Verification Is Important

Take a look at all the reasons why accuracy matters in UAN verification.

  • A precise UAN verification guarantees adherence to regulatory standards. The DPDP Act stipulates that individual data, including data pertaining to PF accounts, must be managed with utmost precision and secrecy. Through authenticating an applicant’s UAN employers can avoid potential legal complexities linked with mishandling sensitive information.
  • Conducting a thorough check of a candidate’s UAN serves as a vital confirmation of their loyalty to the organization. Checking one’s UAN enables employers to validate their income information and identify whether they are moonlighting or not. Such details offer valuable perspectives on the candidate’s dependability, dedication, and fiscal responsibility, all essential factors in the recruitment decision-making process.
  • Conducting a precise UAN validation can expedite employers’ administrative procedures. With the upfront authentication of a candidate’s UAN, employers can guarantee effortless assimilation into their payroll and HR systems. This incorporation enhances the seamless transfer of EPF contributions and accompanying benefits, reducing potential inaccuracies and inconsistencies in employee compensation arrangements.
  • As we know the UAN check helps to identify employees who are moonlighting, the employers are able to recruit or keep honest employees. This helps to cultivate transparency and instils trust between employers and employees by demonstrating a dedicated effort to authenticate and protect employee information, thereby showcasing reverence for privacy rights as well as ethical standards in business operations. This nurtures a favourable work ethos where employees perceive their worth and dignity are esteemed, consequently bolstering overall satisfaction and efficiency within the company.

How to Ensure That the Conducted UAN Verification Is Accurate?

After checking out the above reason, you must have acknowledged that accuracy is something you should not compromise with. Employers use this data to protect sensitive employee information, stay in compliance with laws, and make educated hiring decisions. It is crucial to use a trustworthy digital BGV tool like Digiverifier to achieve accurate UAN verification. Here’s how using such a tool can guarantee accurate UAN verification and help maintain high-quality service:

Robust Technology Infrastructure

Digiverifier, a reliable digital BGV tool, has a sturdy technology infrastructure that includes secure databases and cutting-edge algorithms. This infrastructure performs extensive checks and cross-references data from various sources to guarantee the accuracy and dependability of UAN verification results.

Data Accuracy and Integrity

When it comes to UAN verification procedures, top service providers give priority to data accuracy and integrity. Strict validation procedures are used to confirm the accuracy of UAN data, reducing the possibility of mistakes or anomalies. These vendors provide employers with confidence in the verification results they provide because they uphold high standards of data quality.

Regulatory Standard Compliance

A competent UAN verification vendor follows all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, including the DPDP Act. They place a high priority on privacy and data protection, making sure that all verification procedures adhere to legal requirements. This dedication to compliance reduces the possibility of legal issues and strengthens the relationship of trust between the employer, candidate, and vendor.

Clear and Fast Reporting

Reputable BGV suppliers, such as Digiverifier, provide clear and fast reporting of the findings of UAN verification. They offer thorough reports that describe the information sources, the verification procedure, and any discrepancies discovered. Employers are able to make well-informed decisions based on precise and trustworthy data thanks to this transparency.

Customer Support and Assistance

Throughout the verification process, top-notch service providers offer outstanding customer support and assistance. Customer satisfaction is their top priority, and they are always available to quickly address any questions or concerns. Employers are guaranteed a seamless experience with this degree of support, which raises the standard of service overall.

If you are searching for the best BGV vendor, but you are unable to do so, then here are some questions that you ask the team before hiring them.


In conclusion, accurate UAN verification is essential to preserving the integrity of the hiring process. Choosing a dependable digital BGV tool such as Digiverifier allows employers to guarantee accurate verification results and high-quality service. These suppliers place a high value on precise data, adherence to legal requirements, open reporting, and first-rate customer service. Employers can expedite their verification procedures and make knowledgeable hiring decisions based on trustworthy UAN information by collaborating with a reputable BGV vendor.

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