How to Choose the Right BGV Vendor? – Top Tips

November 17th, 2022

As start-ups are growing in number, particularly technology-enabled companies, background verification is gaining more significance. The main reason behind this is the increasing employee frauds such as embellished resumes, #moonlighting, etc., which can be discovered with the help of background verification. So, recruiters are understanding how important is employee background verification. Besides this, the companies are also acknowledging the need for digital background checks as the benefits they offer over conventional background checks are more in number. However, questions that commonly trouble most companies are “Which BGV vendor to choose, and how to choose the right one?”Since, some companies especially the ones that deal with sensitive data, require hiring genuine candidates, the background verification process needs to be comprehensive and effective. Therefore, to help you partner with the right BGV vendor who can offer the proper services, here we have shared some tips.

Top Tips to Choose the Right BGV Vendor
For the best background check, you need to hire the right BGV vendor. Here are some tips to choose the right BGV vendor for an employee background check.

Top Points to Consider to Choose the Best BGV Vendor

Check out these tips to select a BGV vendor who can deliver the right support in finding out genuine and suitable candidates.

Licensed service provider

When it comes to checking the background of candidates who have applied for the jobs at your organisation, you need to hire a BGV vendor who follows the best practices. To ensure you hire a genuine service provider, find out whether the BGV vendor has a license. In India, while there is no regulatory body, the service provider needs to register, and have a license to offer employee background verification services. So, it is important that you are aware of this, and as an employer should only choose a licensed BGV vendor.

Technology used

It is essential to check whether the background verification partner you are collaborating with to find out genuine candidates uses advanced technology and tools. This should be checked to ensure that the results of the findings are reliable and accurate. Tools like Digiverifier can conduct UAN checks, educational verification, criminal check, global Indian database verification, and other advanced checks to verify a candidate thoroughly. Also, these sophisticated technologies are not only capable of offering accurate results, but also help to obtain faster results. For instance, with the help of Digiverifier, you can be able to verify information against tamper-proof sources in just 10 minutes.

Experience and reputation

You must check the experience and reputation of the BGV vendor. The industry experience of the service provider helps to understand the expertise of the service provider, and the reputation helps you to place your trust in it without any hesitation. Check its client list and the case study reports of its services, as these will help you to understand the quality of the vendor’s services.

Tools like Digiverifier have conducted more than 23,000 verifications and have helped several premium clients to avoid a bad hire, prevent moonlighting, and many other challenges. Most importantly, it validates the information against reliable sources such asEPFO, ITR, and proprietary databases. Remember, a genuine BGV vendor will be transparent about its services, sources, results of the services, and the process it uses to offer the results.

Data security

Data security is an issue that concerns most recruiters, and their concern is genuine. If you are an employer, who is considering partnering with a BGV vendor but shares the same concern and is fearing data loss and theft, know that you are not alone. What you need to do is choose a company that is serious about all the data security compliances and adheres to them. A genuine company will always adhere to data security compliances and will offer you proof of the same.

The background check services offered by Digiverifier comply with ISO 27001, SOC 1, and SOC 2. Also, it is IDPS, data loss protection enabled, and real-time web application firewall enabled.


The purpose of background verification is to find out the right information about candidates and to check whether they are who they are claiming to be. So, if the result is misleading, then the purpose of the whole process will remain unserved. Therefore, it is essential to hire the right BGV vendor, who has the resources to verify information against tamper-proof sources and enable you as a recruiter to engage with suitable candidates. In that case following the above-mentioned points can be of great help. So,if you are searching for such a BGV vendor then you can get in touch with us, as we use advanced tools like #Digiverifier and are positioned to offer genuine results quickly. For more information, make sure to reach out to us.

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