How Digiverifier Can Help Companies With Criminal Background Verification?

June 6th, 2024

Workplace safety is the fundamental thing, and should not be compromised under any circumstances. The absence of safety spoils the work environment and negatively impacts business productivity and goals. Unsuitable candidates having past criminal records when onboarded can be immensely damaging to the organisation. Monetary loss, poor image, and legal complications are some of the consequences that the organisation is likely to face. Thankfully, such incidents and consequences can be easily avoided by organisations with one right decision- digital BGV.

digital bgv

Solutions like Digiverifier are engineered to perform accurate digital background verification, such as criminal background checks, global database verification, and other checks, seamlessly to safeguard organisations. Hence, unlike before, organisations today are in a position to steer clear of hiring criminals and identify them accurately during the hiring phase.

What Makes Criminal Background Verification Important?

Job scarcity is real, and it has been noted that securing jobs in unethical ways has notably increased. Candidates are embellishing their resumes, furnishing incorrect details, hiding genuine information and resorting to many other improper practices that can land unaware employers in deep trouble.

There have been instances where employers have uncovered criminal records against employees whose activities were a matter of concern to the organisation from the beginning. Late actions can do great damage to organizations. With the help of pre-employment criminal background checks, employers can verify the criminal history of a candidate in the very early stages of the hiring process and refrain from onboarding him or her.

How Digiverifier Can Help Companies With Criminal Background Check?

Digiverifier is a game-changer in the recruitment process for organisations when it comes to criminal background checks or any other types of digital BGV. Check out the below section to find out how.

1. Automated and Efficient Processes

Digiverifier completes the entire process of verification automatically, thus it consumes much less time for a criminal background check than is possible in the traditional approach. It can link with different databases and digital platforms that allow quick access and confirmation of information, leading to rapid turnaround.

2. Enhanced Accuracy and Reliability

In background verification, accuracy is very important. Digiverifier is AI-powered to verify the data. This makes sure the details are verified against genuine and updated databases, reducing mistakes that could happen otherwise. Digiverifier eliminates the risk of mistakes made by humans by eradicating manual involvement, thus delivering more dependable outcomes.

3. Secure Data Handling

When it comes to dealing with important information like criminal records, the security of data is a big worry. Digiverifier uses high-level safety standards for the protection of data during the verification process. This involves encryption, secure storage of data and strong access controls to ensure that all information stays private and protected. In fact, Digiverifier is IDPS and data loss protection enabled.

4. Comprehensive Database Access

Digiverifier performs rigorous name-matching across multiple global and Indian databases in order to identify any potential criminal records or concerning matters. A pivotal focus is devoted to scrutinizing not only national but also international most wanted lists and criminals. Through this meticulous examination, crucial insights into an individual’s past involvement with wrongdoing or perilous behaviour are unveiled by Digiverifier. The all-encompassing validation process enables establishments to make judicious decisions regarding potential employees and partners by enhancing the screening process.

Top Benefits of Hiring Digiverifier

1. Speed and Efficiency

Digiverifier saves time on criminal background checks as it is an automated solution. This efficiency enables businesses to make faster hiring decisions, reducing time-to-hire and allowing them to secure top talent quickly.

2. Cost-Effective Solution

Digiverifier’s digital approach eliminates many of the costs associated with traditional background checks, including manual labour and paper processing. This makes it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to better allocate resources.

3. Improved Hiring Decisions

Companies with access to accurate and comprehensive criminal record verification can make more informed hiring decisions. This helps to build a safer and more trustworthy workforce, which contributes to the company’s overall success.

4. Enhanced Candidate Experience

Candidates benefit from Digiverifier’s criminal background checks, which are fast and efficient. Faster verification processes eliminate the need for candidates to wait for extended time periods, resulting in a better overall hiring experience. This can help improve the company’s reputation and make it more appealing to potential employees.


The company taking the initiative to perform criminal background checks is taking the right step. However, besides performing the verification, the company must ensure that the verification is executed accurately. This is why investing in digital BGV offered by solutions like Digiverifier is a wise decision. Accuracy is one important factor, but not the only important factor, for instance; efficiency, secure data handling, and comprehensive verification solutions all these aspects are important as well. Digiverifier ticks-all-the-boxes, and hence is a top choice among employers. If you are an employer and are interested to know more about Digiverifier, then contact the team.


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