Best Practices for Employment Checks Followed By Digiverifier

May 2nd, 2024

Employment verification of candidates and/or employees has always been an essential part of the hiring process for companies. However, in recent times, the importance of performing the verification has doubled due to increased #badhires, #moonlighting, and other risky consequences. Employers, therefore, have understood that proper employment checks, along with other verification services, are one of the best solutions to prevent these problems.

Conducting background checks manually has been in practice for a long time, but the process is often ineffective due to several errors. Hence, an advanced process was much needed so that better steps could be practised for employment background checks. This is what the new digital employment verification solutions are designed for. In this blog, we will discuss the various best practices followed by Digiverifier, one of the top BGV vendor solutions for employment.

Digiverifier's Best Practices for Employment Background Checks

Best Practices Followed By Digiverifier for Employment Checks

As mentioned above, here are some of the best practices that are followed by Digiverifier.

  1. UAN Check

Moonlighting is a threatening issue as it can lead to consequences such as data breaches, security threats, conflicts of interest, decreased productivity and more. A proper UAN check is an adept way to identify scrupulous candidates and/or employees who are moonlighting. UAN verification helps to confirm candidates’ and/or employees’ loyalty to the organization. This also helps in verifying income information and finding out if they are doing extra work elsewhere. These details offer insights into the dependability, commitment, and honesty of the applicant, which are very important aspects when making decisions about hiring an applicant.

  1. Verification at Various Stages

It might seem all right to invest in an employment check only during the pre-hiring stage. However, a wise employer will analyse and invest in what serves the organisation in the best way. While a few of the hiring risks can be mitigated with single-phase employment verification, a four-phase employment verification framework is followed by the top BGV vendor solution, Digiverifier, for immaculate results. Let’s check what these best practices involve.

1. Screening Stage

Digiverifier assists employers in the screening phase by helping them sift through a large number of applicants and make a list of those who qualify for the required experience and other eligibility criteria. In one case, Digiverifier helped the employer by identifying applicants with four years of experience, among 200 applicants, which helped the interview panel filter genuine applicants for 20 vacant positions instantly. This quick and effective verification method aids businesses in avoiding bad hires and simplifies the selection process.

2. Pre-Offer Stage

During the pre-offer stage, the Digiverifier checks salary and work history. For example, a candidate claimed that he or she earned 10 lakhs in the present job, and demanded 24 lakhs. However, through Digiverifier’s background check, it was found out that this person’s current employer has only total annual salary expenses of about 7.5 lakhs. This discrepancy allowed the employer to negotiate a fair offer based on accurate information.

3. Pre-Onboarding Stage

In the pre-onboarding period, the Digiverifier verifies for possible red flags like moonlighting or working for more than one employer at a time. For instance, Digiverifier identified a candidate who earned 53 lakhs per month from 23 employers. This revelation helped the employer prevent bad recruitment choices and saved expenses, effort and time.

4. Post-Onboarding Stage

Once the candidate gets hired, Digiverifier continues its monitoring for possible problems like simultaneously working two jobs, also known as moonlighting or

#dualemployment or other conflicts of interest. For example, a candidate was found to have 87 employments over six years with Digiverifier help.

Digiverifier constantly checks on candidates in all these stages, supporting employers to maintain a secure and productive work atmosphere.

  1. Shortest Turnaround Time (TAT)

A slow and lengthy recruiting process would indicate that the employer might lose a good candidate. Moreover, a faster recruitment process would save a lot of resources and help employers make timely decisions. Digiverifier delivers real-time reports in less than 24 hours, indicating a short turnaround time.

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  1. Data Sources, Security, and Compliance

Digiverifier verifies the candidates’ and/or employees’ information against trusted and tamper-proof databases. Hence, employers can be sure that they will receive authentic and genuine reports. Further, the service adheres to ISO 27001, SOC 1, and SOC 2. For security purposes, it has IDPS and data loss protection enabled, plus the real-time web application firewall protection ensures data security and compliance with industry regulations. Hence, an employer can trust Digiverifier completely in terms of result accuracy, compliance, and data security.


For any employer aiming to create a dependable, devoted, and competent staff, Digiverifier’s dedication to offering the best-quality employment history investigations is an important resource. By leveraging its advanced verification solutions, employers can handle the intricacies of the hiring process quickly and with certainty. Digiverifier’s robust practices and fast response guarantee ensure that employers are given precise information on time, aiding in making knowledgeable choices that improve the integrity and productivity of their organization. Trusting Digiverifier and its employment verification practices is a smart investment to protect the future growth and prosperity of any business. If you need any verification services and are looking for a trustworthy BGV vendor, you can contact the Digiverifier team.

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