Addressing the Risks of Moonlighting and How Digiverifier Can Assist

May 15th, 2024

The rise in cases of moonlighting is an unprecedented phenomenon. Employers across the world are worried about the number of cases that they are unexpectedly coming across. Hence, companies across industries are adopting strict measures such as investing in UAN verification, integrating it with the hiring process, and warning employees. Now, before knowing how to combat the issue, it is of great necessity that, as an employer, if you are not aware of how moonlighting can negatively impact your organisation, then you need to gain the right knowledge. In this blog, we will discuss the threats of moonlighting, and how background verification solutions such as #Digiverifier are helping to curb the menace and assist employers. Continue reading to find out.

Top Risks of Moonlighting & How Digiverifier Can Help


All About the Risks of Moonlighting & How Digiverifier Can Help


What Is Moonlighting?


Moonlighting or dual employment, refers to individuals taking on additional tasks outside of their primary employment, often without informing their current employer. Employees who engage in moonlighting may become overwhelmed with multiple responsibilities, resulting in exhaustion, decreased efficiency, and potential conflicts of interest.


What Are the Risks of Moonlighting?


Moonlighting is a bane for companies across fields. To help you understand why, here we have discussed some of the top risks that moonlighting can cause.


Conflicts of Interest

Employees engaged in moonlighting may take on roles that directly or indirectly compete with their primary employer’s business. This may create conflicts, as the worker might have access to private company details and trade secrets that could help a rival or personal project. Such conflicts might harm the employer’s standing in the market and possibly lead to legal problems.


Reduced Productivity

Workers who handle numerous jobs at once might have difficulty managing their workloads properly. This can cause them to lose focus and productivity in their main job. Being too tired or having too many responsibilities might result in exhaustion, not meeting deadlines, and making mistakes in the work, which could affect how well everything runs for the employer.


Legal Risks

By doing side jobs, employees could potentially break employment contracts that have clauses like non-compete agreements or confidentiality agreements. This might make the employer face legal arguments and lose their good name. Employers must be careful to check if workers are following all contract rules and duties.


Company Resource Misuse

Employees who moonlight might use company resources, like equipment, technology, or work hours, for their projects or secondary jobs. This misuse of resources can disrupt business operations and cause financial loss as well as ethical worries for the company.


Erosion of Trust and Loyalty

Employers expect their employees to be devoted and faithful in their jobs. Moonlighting can degrade trust and loyalty between employer and employee because it hints that the worker might give preference to other job commitments instead of their main one. This can damage workplace morale and lead to a lack of cohesion and team spirit.


Potential for Confidentiality Breaches

Workers involved in moonlighting might unintentionally reveal secret or specific details about their main job to their other job colleagues. This kind of breach could harm the employer’s competitive edge and result in financial loss and damage to reputation.


Impact on Workplace Relationships

Engaging in moonlighting activities can strain workplace connections, as coworkers may perceive the employee participating in such work as less devoted or not fully engaged in their primary duties. This has the potential to create stress and fallout within the team, ultimately impacting the overall dynamic of the workplace.


How Digiverifier Can Help Address Moonlighting?


All employers want to protect their organisations from the impacts of moonlighting, and this is why top employers have hired solutions like Digiverifier. In this section, we will take a look at how Digiverifier can help address moonlighting.


UAN Verification


Moonlighting can only be curbed when the right method is used, and UAN, orUniversal Account Number Verification, is one of the best ways to identify candidates and/or employees who are moonlighting. Digiverifier, one of the best background verification solutions, conducts accurate UAN verification.


A UAN Number is provided to individuals if the prior employer made PF deductions. Information like moonlighting can be verified instantly using the UAN. Hence, it becomes easy for the employer to catch the miscreants red-handed, and take justified actions against them to keep the organisation safe.


In fact, recently, one of the major companies had suspicions that a candidate was working two jobs. They desired to carry out a background check without the candidate’s involvement. However, they lacked the tools required for undertaking this. Digiverifier presented them with the UAN verification option when they approached the team, and in the verification findings, it was revealed that the candidate was not only engaged in dual employment but also other jobs.


Read more of Digiverifier’s moonlighting crackdown case studies here.




Every organisation has to deal with a lot of risks, and moonlighting is an added pressure that, when not handled with the right approach, can prove troublesome for employers. As we have discussed the risks of moonlighting, it can be understood that it can shake the foundation of a company when not addressed and prevented.Digiverifier is one of the AI-powered solutions that can help in this endeavour by offering options like UAN verification under background verification. If you are eager to know more, you can get in touch with the Digiverifier team.

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