3 Areas Where Companies Greatly Benefit Through Quick Digital Background Check

August 2nd, 2021

The “you’re hired” announcement is almost always followed by the phrase “we will roll out your final offer on completion of the background check”. This process can take from days to weeks and is dependent on the availability of past employers and timely responses. The candidate also has to furnish a ton of paperwork to support the employment claims. In an ideal universe, this process would not be time-consuming and error-prone. In such a universe the candidate also will be honest about all previous employment and salary details and there shall be no discrepancy in any information.

The background verification process is an essential one so that organisations can protect their brands and ensure they have the right candidate for the job. However, research shows that over 50% of resumes globally have discrepancies with employment verification having the highest number of discrepancies as compared to address, education, etc. Exaggerating roles, skills, experience or salary can be commonly seen but these often take a long time to discover. By the time of this discovery, the candidate often has already joined the organisation and is a few weeks into his onboarding.

Given the rising costs of hiring, the growing shortage of skilled resources, and the urgent need to close open positions demand that not only is background screening reliable, it also has to be fast.

Background verification in the digital age

Traditional background checks rely on manual, paper-based systems managed usually by external agencies demanding long timelines and increasing costs. The reliability of these background checks is also often questionable and getting relevant insights and concise and yet, comprehensive summaries on the employee’s background often impossible to achieve manually.

Thankfully, with the onset of the digital age, background verification can now be supercharged with the power of technology to make it fast, convenient, and accurate. Here are some other benefits of a quick background verification process:

Spot that fake profile

It’s the basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what.” – Dr. House.

The thing is, most people can be tempted to lie to embellish their resumes and then can convincingly affirm these lies in interviews. Those with these skills can easily slip through the net and can lead to time and resource wastage while conducting detailed, in-depth, and lengthy interviews. By the time the background check happens, the organisation realises that they have lost time and money and now need to go through this process all over again.

With digital background verification, organisations can weed out fake candidate profiles and hire the right candidate by quickly scanning through important data such as employer details, tenure, salary credits, and other essential parameters.

Such a technology-powered solution makes the hiring process faster as it gives organisations access to complete employee data and makes it more reliable and ensures that recruiters are only spending time with legitimate prospects.

Eliminate loss of billing hours

The time period between receiving an offer and the joining data of a candidate can range anywhere between 30 to 90 days. There is no guarantee that the prospective employee will not take the offer letter and then shop around and try to negotiate a better ‘deal’ with some other organisation. It is also not uncommon for employees to use the offer letter from one organisation to negotiate with other companies they might be interviewing for. This same strategy can even be used to negotiate a deal with their existing organisation.

When these things happen, the hiring organisation is often left in the lurch and has to go through the tedious hiring process all over again. In all likelihood, the candidate doesn’t even inform the organisation about not joining until close to the joining date.

It is easy to avoid this conundrum if organisations use a digital background verification process. A digital solution will employ a link that the candidate will need to access to kickstart the verification process. This link can be sent along with or soon after the offer letter and acceptance letter have been received. A genuine candidate will not be hesitant to start the background verification process while one who is not, might take longer to move along this path. Organisations can touch base proactively with those who haven’t started the process, gauge their interest levels and capably make their hiring decisions proactive and reliable.

Reduce the cost of employee onboarding

This is a very relevant aspect especially as remote work has become an indelible part of our new normal. To make onboarding easier and to fulfil the new rules of engagement, organisations have to send assets like laptops, UPS, etc. to help new employees settle in faster. This also happens when organisations need the employee to join for an urgent opening but also have to conduct lengthy and detailed background checks to meet their compliance needs. The cost of employee onboarding becomes very high if these hired resources are sent all the assets and set along the onboarding journey only to realise that they have failed the background check later.

Having a digital background verification process makes sure that the organisation has all the relevant information regarding an employee’s background before the onboarding starts. It helps organisations take on only those employees who are reliable, conscientious, and deserving because they truly tick all the checkboxes.

A digital background verification process adds speed and agility to the hiring process. From identifying fake claims, conducting income verification, rolling out the right offers, and ensuring successful recruitment drives, your organisation stands to gain a lot from leveraging technology-driven digital background verification systems.

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